Areas of Work

We focus our research and trainings in three areas: Equity in PolicyHealing Justice, and Community Research Ethics.

We recognize that change will not happen simply by presenting compelling scientific information. Our Institute works with stakeholders and communities to articulate their questions, conduct research, and present the findings and action steps in ways that acknowledges their current realities and addresses their needs.


We define equity as a state of being where race, sex, class, and other social identity categories can no longer predict life outcomes and where outcomes for all groups are improved. 

Equity in policy includes efficacy of governmental and institutional equity initiatives and processes; using the findings to promote policy change; and addressing and eliminating systemic, community, and individual level inequities locally and nationally.


Healing Justice consists of practices, services, and resources that foster recovery and resilience in the face of trauma and other harm caused by oppression.  We will look at existing healing strategies, their impact on community health and well-being, and disseminate those methods to promote robust and healthy individuals and communities.


Best practices for community-engaged research that ensures community members are treated in ethical ways, promotes strong relationships with community organizations and creates new community engagement frameworks and tools.