Critical Futures

An interview-based podcast by the IHJE. It’s Critical, because the time is now to conjure the world we want to live and thrive in. It’s also Futurity: the intentional imagining and materializing of liberated futures.

20 August 2023

Series 2, Episode 3: "The Future of the Abolition"

Featuring Jaden Janak, Assistant Professor of Modern US History

About Our Guests

Jaden Janak, Assistant Professor

Jaden Janak is an Assistant Professor of Modern U.S. History at St. Olaf College. They recently defended their dissertation on U.S. abolitionist organizing, earning a PhD in African and African Diaspora Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. His research on LGBTQ+ history, abolition, and popular culture can be found in Social Education, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, Behemoth: A Journal on Civilisation, and GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. In addition to their research, Jaden organizes with various local and national abolitionist collectives and is an enthusiastic supporter of women’s sports.


Highlighted Work:

St. Olaf College


St. Olaf College is a private liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. Founded in 1874 by Norwegian immigrants, the College challenges students to excel in the liberal arts, examine faith and values, and explore meaningful vocation in an inclusive, globally engaged community nourished by Lutheran tradition.

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This episode was produced as part of an ongoing series titled “THE FUTURE OF…”. In this series, we chat with experts from various sectors to learn about what they are doing to shift the critical now for a radical new future.

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