Critical Futures

An interview-based podcast by the IHJE. It’s Critical, because the time is now to conjure the world we want to live and thrive in. It’s also Futurity: the intentional imagining and materializing of liberated futures.

Series 1: Anti-Racism Consortium

27 August 2023

"Community Health Workers"

We talk to Denise Octavia Smith, Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah, and Rumana Shams Rabbani about their efforts as Community Health Workers to advance access and equity in community health and healthcare.

6 August 2023

"Aligning with Community and for Community"

We talk to Rhonda BeLue from University of Texas at San Antonio along with her community partner Michelle Lugalia-Hollon. In our conversation, we discuss how to cultivate alignment with community and for community when working to create more equitable healthcare systems.

2 July 2023

"Maintaining Longterm Anti-Racist Alliances in Healthcare"

We talk to Pat Matthews Juarez and Paul Juarez along with their community partner Neely Williams. In our conversation, we discuss how to establish and maintain long-term community partnerships and transdisciplinary alliances that are built upon trust.

4 June 2023

"Engaging Community Partners to Foster Antiracism in Research"

We talk to Melody Goodma from NYU Public Health’s Center for Antiracism, Social Justice, and Public Health (CASJPH) about engaging community partners in order to foster antiracism in research.

30 April 2023

"Health as a Human Right: Power Building for Community-Driven Change"

We talk to Xavier Morales from the Praxis Project along with his community partner Judith LeBlanc from Native Organizers Alliance about leveraging community partnerships to drive change and realize health as a human right.

2 April 2023

"Equitable Engagement: Trust & Transparency in Longterm Community Partnerships"

We talk to Brian Smedley from Urban Institute along with his community partner Kasey Dudley about how to approach community partnerships and prioritize equity, trust, and transparency.

2 March 2023

"Reimagining Community Partnerships"

We talk to Faybra Jabulani from Forward Through Ferguson along with her community partner Michelle Barbeau about how to reimagine community partnerships.

Series 2: THE FUTURE OF...

17 September 2023

"The Future of Graduate Education"

We talk to Josue David Cisneros, Patrick Earl Hammie, and Jorge Lucero from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign about the future of graduate education. We discuss the problems facing contemporary graduate students and our guests’ efforts to reimagine and recreate graduate school as an inclusive space where students can thrive through the Interseminars Initiative.

20 August 2023

"The Future of Abolition"

We talk to Jaden Janak (Assistant Professor, Modern US History) about the future of abolition. We discuss abolition as the theory and praxis of destabilizing the carceral state to liberate Black, queer, and trans lives – while also cultivating livable lives for all. 

16 July 2023

"The Future of the Present"

 We talk to Joquina Reed from J Reed Consulting LLC about the future of the present — about what it means to live in this space right now and leverage these moments for alternative futures.

18 June 2023

"The Future of Healing & Therapy"

 We talk to Selome Araya from Root Alchemy Institute  about the future of healing and therapy and about how to move towards holistic approaches to health and wellbeing.