Critical Futures

An interview-based podcast by the IHJE. It’s Critical, because the time is now to conjure the world we want to live and thrive in. It’s also Futurity: the intentional imagining and materializing of liberated futures.

22 October 2023

Series 2, Episode 5: "The Future of Trans Organizing"

Featuring Wriply M. Bennet from the THORN Self Defense Project

About Our Guests

Wriply M. Bennet

Wriply M. Bennet is an illustrator, graphic designer, and public speaker dedicated to increasing the visibility and community supports of Trans Women of Color. Bringing a diverse collections of characters to life inspired by her community, Wriply is able to bring a unique perspective to character development for a range of illustration needs.

Through various partnerships with businesses, organizations, and universities, Wriply has developed logos, fliers, and visuals that enhance and amplify the mission, vision, and goals of clients.

As a noted community activist, Wriply has been invited to speak and present to numerous audiences across the country on a number of topics ranging from her personal experiences as a Trans Woman of Color and advocate. 



THORN Self Defense Project:

THORN Self Defense Project


THORN emerged in August 2020 in response to the ongoing violence against Chicago’s Black trans community. The organization provides free tools, from stun guns to pocket knives to pepper spray, for Black and Brown trans people in need. “I’m trying to build in love centering on Black trans women,” says THORN co-founder Wriply Bennet. “Our right to defend ourselves is the most logical path to take for anyone in this community, especially when we see the violence happening over and over again.” (Description sourced from them‘s story on THORN, “Meet the Organizers Offering Self-Defense Tools and Training to the Trans Community”)



Additional Credits

This episode was produced as part of an ongoing series titled “THE FUTURE OF…”. In this series, we chat with experts from various sectors to learn about what they are doing to shift the critical now for a radical new future.

Episode Host: Amber Johnson | Director of Community Engagement, IHJE.

Audio Production: KJ Schaeffner | Web Developer + Designer, IHJE.

Podcast Artwork: Wriply M. Bennet.

Theme Music: Resilient Zone/Floting via Adobe Stock.